Natura Clinic - Çevirmen


Natura Clinic - Çevirmen

  • 1. Interact with clients and visitors to translate foreign language and facilitate communication in a range of different professional settings
  • 2. Register the file of every patient before every operation or any kind of Test or Analysis.
  • 3. Interpret oral conversations between patients and hospital staff.
  • 4. Receive patients at the entrance of the clinic
  • 5. Help the clients for doing tests (PCR test, blood analysis, X ray, anesthetist, heart test)
  • 6. Assist the Doctors in the cabin with the patients before the operation or after control.
  • 7. Requesting a driver for patient transfers.
  • 8. Coordinating with the entire team of translators
  • 9. Helping the patients after their operations.
  • 10. Coordinating with the nurses and interpreting the information to the patients (mode of use of the drugs, the instructions of the doctor after the operation
  • 11. Informing nurses in a situation of discomfort.
  • 12. Ask the driver to check out the patients and accompany them to the exit of the vehicle at the bottom
  • 13. Passing the Status of patients for the night service
  • 14. Assume the authorities to him/her in the Authorities Matrix
  • 15. Stay up to date on the latest developments in his/her area of work
  • 16. Undertake any other duties assigned by his/her direct manager                                                                                                                                                      



  •  Minimum 2 year of experience as a Translator, Interpreter or similar role and 1 year of experience in a health sector
  •  Fluency in Turkish, English, Italian, French, Spanish
  •  Bachelor’s degree in communications, translation or related field
  •  Operational knowledge of medical terminology, hospital setting and clinical practices
  •  Ability to communicate verbally between many people
  •  Public speaking ability
  •  Interpreting medical terms from a foreign knowledge
  •  Solid understanding of patient need and medical crisis                                                                                                                                                  


Aday Bilgileri
  • Tecrübe:
    Tecrübesiz adaylar
  • Eğitim Seviyesi:
    Önlisans - Mezun, Üniversite - Mezun
  • Yabancı Dil:
    İngilizce(Okuma:İleri - Yazma:İleri - Konuşma:İleri)
Posizyon Bilgileri
  • Departman:
    İnsan Kaynakları
  • Pozisyon:
    Tercüman veya Çevirmen
  • Çalışma Şekli:
    Sürekli - Tam Zamanlı
  • Şehir/İlçe:
    İstanbul (Avrupa) - Bakırköy


Firmanın Diğer İlanları
T.C. İstanbul Arel Üniversitesi Kariyer Merkezi
  • İl/İlçe
    İstanbul (Avrupa) Büyükçekmece