Natura Clinic - Satış Temsilcisi


Natura Clinic - Satış Temsilcisi

  •  Graduated from relevant departments of universities,
  • Preferably experienced in working with the Bitrix24 system,
  • Experience in data management, reporting, and analytical presentations,
  • Advanced Excel skills (working with formulas, and parameters)
  • Comfortable working with multicultural teams
  • Proficient in English or Turkish
  • Arabic, Italian, Spanish, German are preferred
  • Detail-oriented, disciplined, and responsible
  • High level of convincing ability                                                                                                                                                        


  • To provide the first communication regarding the new patients' applications from the relevant platforms
  • Transferring the patients, relations received from the relevant platforms to the CRM platform and creating a patients' record
  • To make the first contact with patients and promote Natural Clinic and its services and convince patients for making appointments with us,
  • To convey patients' information and datas and establishing patients appointments according to language and shift suitability within the Sales team for the contacts and positive results,
  • Checking the patients assignments on the CRM platform and making the assignments to the sales team by keeping the information up-to-date if there is any missing information or a customer record that cannot be assigned,
  • Processing reference information into the CRM system                                                                                                                                                  


Aday Bilgileri
  • Tecrübe:
    Tecrübesiz adaylar
  • Eğitim Seviyesi:
    Önlisans - Mezun, Üniversite - Mezun
  • Yabancı Dil:
    İngilizce(Okuma:İleri - Yazma:İleri - Konuşma:İleri)
Posizyon Bilgileri
  • Departman:
    Kurumsal İlişkiler
  • Pozisyon:
    Satış Temsilcisi
  • Çalışma Şekli:
    Sürekli - Tam Zamanlı
  • Şehir/İlçe:
    İstanbul (Avrupa) - Bakırköy


Firmanın Diğer İlanları
T.C. İstanbul Arel Üniversitesi Kariyer Merkezi
  • İl/İlçe
    İstanbul (Avrupa) Büyükçekmece